Reeds as Arrows

I don’t remember when I learned to read.  I don’t have the first pen I wrote with, the first story I wrote, poem, fable, song, or even line. My life, like many, has included a great many paths and along those paths I have read a great many books. I’ve come to realise that the books I’ve chosen to read have shaped my life; my own literary soundtrack.

I also, having been raised in a booming metropolis have developed an equal devotion to music. Riding the public transportation, I’m never without my headphones while my eyes skim over lines of  text. Music and Literature have as a result become synonymous and yet entirely different. The way in which I experience the books I read has combined to reveal even more epiphanies when read with music. A song has made me look up from the page to see what’s playing, while influencing the way I read the story I was immersed in.

Ultimately though, my purpose is to share what books have taught me; mainly how to love. I mean to inspire others through my words, and if you find yourself drawn to read any of these I’ll provide a link so you can feel free to pick any of them up.

Books are my food, and I hope that my words give you the appetite to satiate your hunger and read.

Happy Reading.

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